The Phoenix and The Snowman

About a week and a half ago, a man was hollering at me outside a Walmart. “Look at this guy with the flip-flops…holy moley…” It was 15° and had just finished raining. I was in sweatpants, a hoodie, and my favorite pair of flip-flops. I gave him the only answer that seemed logical: “Doesn’t bother…


As she lay on that hospital bed, clutching to her mother and trying to sleep, I took a picture. These are the moments when you are tested. The past three weeks have been a blur of illnesses and other craziness. Keeping our heads on straight became the number one property and despite it all, we…

The Holiday Shuffle

It happens every year, although it’s a bit less stressful these days. The onset of the holidays brings travel for everyone, and that includes us. Thankfully though we have a pretty sweet situation set up, and we are extremely lucky. No matter what you think of it, we live across the street from my in-laws….

Episode 010: Silliness In The Morning

A silly thing happened at daycare this morning, people at Wawa are just strange sometimes and I almost get killed by a semi! Not that kind of semi….. Song by “Tall Simon” Sponsored by! All episodes available on iTunes! Go subscribe via the Podcast App on your Apple device! Episode via Spreaker here:

Halloween 2016

The Princess Anna dress….. I had feared it for a time. Not because I have any aversion to Princess stuff, but because I knew our daughter feared it to an extent. As soon as it arrived to our house (as a present for her 3rd birthday a few months ago) she was awestruck and in…