A Little-Big Breakfast

There’s just something about food that makes me feel…magic. Sure, the human body is programmed to react in certain ways to certain things so that we can sustain ourselves etc……but there’s something different there for me. The way things are put on the plate, the shape things end up being by the time they make…

SAUNA TIME 2! Vlog #28

I’m back in the sauna to chat about my workout semi-routine, trying new things, knowing your limits, and trying out an Assault Bike for the first time!

Vacasa and The Future

Lately we’ve been talking about what we want for the New Year. Whether it’s being healthier or spending more time as a family, we have a number of goals moving forward. One of those is special though: traveling. Going to other states, other countries etc. has always been a goal. But our passion is seriously…

Podcast: Nerdbone #1

A standalone mini-series where I unleash my Nerd-tastic rants! This episode’s topic: Will Aquaman acutally be a good movie? Listen HERE or subscribe to The Kids Are Alright on iTunes!  

Episode 35: NFL One Hour Special!

This week I was joined by the Cheese Doodle Dad himself, intergalactic Browns fan, Michael Marcinko for a deep convo on hot topics in the NFL! Listen HERE or subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 34: The Sorting Minisode

We’re elbow deep into sorting through our basement and filling a dumpster out front. Sorting through memories and tossing them in the garbage is….an interesting feeling. Listen to “Episode 34: The Sorting Minisode” on Spreaker. Also available on iTunes!