2019 North American Tour

You guys……YOU GUYS. It’s official. Nerdbone is going on a North American tour and I’m super excited to see all you guys in person! Check out the details below and I’ll have MORE details and MORE dates as things get rolling!!! AwesomeCon – Washington DC – April 26-28th East Coast ComicCon – Seacaucus NJ –…

Opening Day

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest Baseball fan. For the longest time I’ve rarely caught a game on TV or in the stadium, although that’s mainly because I haven’t had any actual TV service since 2009, nor money to purchase tickets. But I never fell completely out of love with it.

The Good Kind of Tired

A quick thoughts post on the middle of the night…. It was a little over a month ago when we looked ahead to see what life would be like. I was a few weeks into rehearsals for Much Ado About Nothing, in a job that had gone stale, and a job offer on my lap…

D&D and Me

Dungeons and Dragons has been a part of my life on and off for about 15 years. Lately though I’ve been dying to get back into it but from a different perspective: as a Dungeon Master.

A Cold Cure

****I am in no way a health care professional. Simply a dude sharing his experience with a particular method to ease pain. If you are having any issues at all, please consult a doctor or other professional!**** I’m not really entirely sure whats happening. It’s one of two things, and either way, it helps. For…

A Little-Big Breakfast

There’s just something about food that makes me feel…magic. Sure, the human body is programmed to react in certain ways to certain things so that we can sustain ourselves etc……but there’s something different there for me. The way things are put on the plate, the shape things end up being by the time they make…

SAUNA TIME 2! Vlog #28

I’m back in the sauna to chat about my workout semi-routine, trying new things, knowing your limits, and trying out an Assault Bike for the first time!