The Last Christmas Card

“Hello Ben + Carissa, May you have the most wonderful Christmas ever, watching a young lady dancing all around and ripping open her packages. She’s a sweetheart. I care about the two of you more than words can say, and the darling little girl you created. Love Grandmom” Mary Kline: April 19, 1923 – February…

The Well

The weather is no concern, it’s Friday night and we’re here. Cheap hot chocolate in to-go cups big enough to drink a little and add enough vodka for a buzz without it showing up on your breath. The Well isn’t really a well, it’s a decorative one. A little more than 4ft from the ground…

The Perks of Standing Up

There’s been a huge push over the past couple of years for standing desks in the workplace. Little did I know how much it would have an effect on even my at-home business of podcasting and blogging, as well as my hobbies! You can’t deny the positive effects of a standing desk in your average…

2019 North American Tour

You guys……YOU GUYS. It’s official. Nerdbone is going on a North American tour and I’m super excited to see all you guys in person! Check out the details below and I’ll have MORE details and MORE dates as things get rolling!!! AwesomeCon – Washington DC – April 26-28th East Coast ComicCon – Seacaucus NJ –…

The Good Kind of Tired

A quick thoughts post on the middle of the night…. It was a little over a month ago when we looked ahead to see what life would be like. I was a few weeks into rehearsals for Much Ado About Nothing, in a job that had gone stale, and a job offer on my lap…

SAUNA TIME 2! Vlog #28

I’m back in the sauna to chat about my workout semi-routine, trying new things, knowing your limits, and trying out an Assault Bike for the first time!

Podcast: Nerdbone #1

A standalone mini-series where I unleash my Nerd-tastic rants! This episode’s topic: Will Aquaman acutally be a good movie? Listen HERE or subscribe to The Kids Are Alright on iTunes!  

Episode 35: NFL One Hour Special!

This week I was joined by the Cheese Doodle Dad himself, intergalactic Browns fan, Michael Marcinko for a deep convo on hot topics in the NFL! Listen HERE or subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 34: The Sorting Minisode

We’re elbow deep into sorting through our basement and filling a dumpster out front. Sorting through memories and tossing them in the garbage is….an interesting feeling. Listen to “Episode 34: The Sorting Minisode” on Spreaker. Also available on iTunes!