The Kids Are Alright

The podcast crawled into a cocoon and has revealed itself as a great big-ol-badass-butterfly. Check out the latest episode under the new name and semi-new format on iTunes and Spreaker!

A Mix CD and A Return

I started out as a Dad Blogger back in 2013, a few weeks after I started my 2nd and longest running podcast. Over the years I’ve grown within a community of Dads who all write, or have written, blogs of some sort. A number of them I’ve met in person, and more than that, have…

Apple & The NFL (S02-Ep001)

This week to kick off Season Two, Ben chats all the new products coming from Apple (IOS 11, iPhone 8/8+, and iPhone X) plus the goings on in the NFL! Subscribe and Rate on iTunes HERE   Listen to “Apple & The NFL (S02 Ep 001)” on Spreaker.  

Dads in The Kitchen Episode 003: Family Classics

Mark and Ben continue chatting about how to fit certain food in a kids mouth and some Family Classics. Stay tuned for a recipe at the end!  iTunes: Click HERE!

Episode 010: Silliness In The Morning

A silly thing happened at daycare this morning, people at Wawa are just strange sometimes and I almost get killed by a semi! Not that kind of semi….. Song by “Tall Simon” Sponsored by! All episodes available on iTunes! Go subscribe via the Podcast App on your Apple device! Episode via Spreaker here: