The Good Kind of Tired

The first full week of the new job fell on tech week for Much Ado, and it was clear what my schedule would be almost every day.

Wake up. Drop kid off at school. Go directly to work. Work. Go directly to theater. Home by 11:30ish. Attempt sleep. Repeat.

Anything hard always seems scary, but the key to mastering this fear was that I’d done it before. Not necessarily this job, these hours, this show etc. but being on a constant grind for an extended period of time. I’ve been in this battle before, as have/are many others in this world. I just have to see it through to the end.

And then in the end…..not necessarily rest, although that will be a component. In the end, like after each day lately, tired, determined and satisfied. A good kind of tired. The kind that matches the day and the corresponding rest is earned in its entirety.


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